Washington Iron Works, Inc. traces its history back to the Dutch bulb farmers of southwest Michigan where Mikes great-grandfather and great-uncles raised tulip and gladiolus bulbs. Mike’s Grandfather, Frederick Nagel, eventually started his own gladiola farm, where Mike and his father Eugene Nagel worked side by side with Frederick. They built and maintained their own harvesting machinery, which is how they learned to fabricate and weld.

In 1985 Eugene and his wife Maryann, along with Mike and wife Tammie, moved to Whidbey Island and opened Whidbey Welding and Machine. It was mostly a walk-in business at first, but it wasn’t long before we started doing large commercial jobs out of our first 1500 square foot shop. By 1995, Whidbey Welding and Machine had been incorporated for three years and had built a new 7000 square foot shop to expand their capabilities.

In 1997 Mike’s brother, Steve Nagel, began working in the family business and is part owner. Mike and Tammie’s son Gerrit also works for Washington Iron Works, Inc. delivering the bulk of our steel and fabricating in the shop.

In 2007, Mike and Tammie took over the ownership of the business and changed the company name to Washington Iron Works, Inc. Soon thereafter, construction on our current shop began – 24,000 square feet containing top-level machinery and skilled employees. With the addition of a Peddinghaus drill line in 2011, Washington Iron Works, Inc. once again expanded its capabilities and is looking forward to where 2012 and beyond takes us.